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Welcome to my Born To Be Felt blog! Thank you for stopping by and spending the time to read my post.

What is Born To Be Felt you ask?

Well good question, this site is basically about all things cute and made out of felt. This blog will hold all things that were born out of felt, and things that are cute and plushy so you want to cuddle them and literally give it a feel. The other meaning behind the name is a reflection of how I feel about life itself, life should be lived and felt, as humans we are not meant to fit into a mould that society has deemed acceptable but we are meant to thrive on life and born to feel and be alive!

For me that feeling of feeling alive is when I create, whether it’s creating a new business, drawing, cookie decorating, or making felt creations. My love of felt happened about 2 years ago while I caught my peak hour train on my way to my corporate job, I sat there watching everyone I thought we looked like cattle being courier to somewhere we just didn’t seem to want to go. People either looked bored, tired or sad, and I came to the conclusion that this needed to change. So I stumbled across this cute pattern on Etsy and brought my first pattern for $9.80 AUD and made my first felt creation while commuting to work on the train.


Prior to this sewing was not a particularly strong skill (in fact it’s still not a strong one), my grandmother was a dress maker back in days so maybe that skill is in my blood but that’s the extent of my sewing history. I may have been able to sew on a button that had fallen off a top, and dabbled for like a year in cross stitching (because that’s just making crosses on a piece of fabric) but I’ve never made clothing for myself, in fact I don’t even know how to use a sewing machine. Luckily felt is an easy enough material to manoeuvre and cute small toys are easier to handle in my opinion.

Fast forward a few months and I started designing my own creations, making them on my way to and from work each day and even selling them at local craft markets. Fast forward two years and here we are, I’ve started my own Etsy Store selling my very own patterns. So if you are into DIY or always wanted to try your hand at sewing why not have a go, if I can make a plush creation you can too!

If you have any comments or queries feel free to contact me at borntobefelt@gmail.com.

Until next time stay creative, live a life that makes you feel alive and forever challenge the status quo!

Janet Kai

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