Girls who run the world (leading us are Elsa and Anna)

I’m in my 30s and enjoy Disney cartoons, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s just fact.

 The latest animation movie Frozen though has taken a life of it’s own, when I went to Disneyland in Anaheim just last October I noticed that Elsa and Anna the heroines of this movie were the new flavours of the month amounts the girls. Whilst my sister and I waited around till 7pm for the famous Disney character parade we were suddenly surrounded by a swarm of little kiddies all dressed up as their favour characters. The standout favourite amongst the girls was Elsa and closely followed by her younger sister Anna.


Now I have to say I’m really pleased to see that these new princesses are the favourites amongst the young impressionable girls of tomorrow because gone are the days when the pretty, yet fragile princess waits to be rescued by the handsome prince. Instead these two sisters take matters in their own hands and handle their own business. Sure love interests pop up now and then, but ultimately sisterly love and female heroism is at the heart of this movie and if the girls of tomorrow consider them as the new role models than the future shines just that little bit brighter.

So in honour of these two sisters and the movie Frozen I created these patterns to make Elsa and Anna and of cause some of their loveable casts.



If you want to have a go have a go at making these cute little puppets take around at my store on Etsy.

Until next time stay creative, live a life that makes you feel alive and forever challenge the status quo!

Janet Kai

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